Do you think, originally?

The path of least resistance to your mind is to concur with what the norm is, the supposed, popular truth. It’s easy to delegate the hard thinking to others, moving with what you suppose has been deeply researched, deeply understood before being passed down to you. An aura of knowledge and all you have to do is put it on.

And yeah, it happens all the time. You do it all the time. In every conversation, you go for the easier argument than the logical one or pick sentiment over bare facts. Allow society’s knowledgeable aura to cloud your head and shut your senses down with the answers they always seem to have.

Do you know, every time you give up the power to think — to search for your own answers in the heat of the moment — you fail yourself, weaken your brain cells, and allow for easier penetration of substandard ideas?

Don’t you want to be free?

When you force yourself to leave the groupthink behind, you’ll see the light rarely seen by many. Most of the people in society don’t make themselves see the light. They think they’re thinking- but they’re merely weighing options — good or bad, bad and worse, good and less good, manageable and outright suffering. There’s no real work there.

Why? Those are the choices we make every day. To cross in front of this trailer or wait for the Lexus behind it? To buy this product or the other? Who do you want to be President? Manageable and outright suffering, bad and worse. These choices are made in our subconscious before we say a thing, thinking we’ve made a decision consciously.

You have to shuffle through the pile: the good, the bad, the ugly to get to the root, to get to the basics, and that’s when you truly understand it. That’s when you truly understand anything.

The beauty of original thinking.

The devil is in the details, but the truth is in the basics. If you ever want to understand anything, begin from the basics. Where did we begin? Is it as simple as Genesis 1:1? Darwin didn’t think so. Great minds always look for the basics, the root of the equation — because that’s where it always begins. Whichever way you choose to understand the creation of heaven and earth — go searching for, and understanding the essence of God, or going on a wild voyage to find the meaning of evolution and the beginning of the earth — you’ve chosen to think originally, to put your brain to work. You’ve chosen wisely.

Think originally, and you’re closer to the truth than most will ever be. Closer than you’ve ever been. But be careful; for a while, the truth may set you free — but it can prison too.



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